The Writing Gang – Launch!

Hello there, blogsphere!

Welcome to These Writerly Conundrums – a new writing blog brought to you by six fabulous bloggers, if I may so say myself. Some of these bloggers have been blogging for many years, and for some this is their first blog, but as a message from all of us I can tell you that this blog is going to be the best!

Writer Blogresized

Who are you?

We’re Natalie, Aly, Keionda, Olivia, Inge and Joy. I know, a lot of girls in one place. But if you want to know more about us individually you should check out our Who are We? page!

Where do you come from?

All over the place of course! We’ve got all the corners of the world. Like the US, The Netherlands and Hong Kong…

Why should you be reading this blog?

Because we are fabulous. Why WOULDN’T you is the real question.

You should read this super blog because it is all about writing, my friends. Personally, all six of us are familiar with the book blogsphere, but the writerly one does exist and I believe is positioned in the same multiverse. The plan is for our blog posts to help our fellow writers and readers out there. There will be all sorts of tips to get you started, to keep you going, basically everything and anything to do with writing.

What kind of writing will you be covering?

All sorts! In fact, we’re going to be having a different theme for every month. Poetry, script writing, lyrics – it’s all going to be covered in time. Seeing as NaNoWriMo is running all through the month of November, we decided to start with all things novels!

Will there be giveaways? 

We all know that is one of the reasons you love reading book blogs and so on ^.^ But this blog isn’t about that so there probably won’t be giveaways. BUT because we know writers like writing we do, very possibly, have some or one writing competition coming up. That’s still kind of in the works. I guess that is winning in another form?

What do you hope to accomplish?

I think the best thing about this blog is that we’re all sharing our own writing knowledge with other people. It really is a place where writers can come and find tips and tricks that they might need as well as possibly give back some feedback to us as well. It’s our little bubble of internet where all these writerly conundrums can come together 🙂

So let the writing begin 😀

Joy, Keionda, Inge, Olivia, Aly and Natalie!