Those Word Count Feelings

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this about their writing, but I have this particular feelings every time I reach a certain word count in my novels. I’ve been struggling to come up with a good post idea for today, so this is what you’re all getting stuck with!

0-5k: This is a reasonably slow period. I’m both incredibly excited, and a little nervous as to where this new story is going to take me. For me, this is really make it or break it time as to whether I’ll fall enough love with my main character to continue on.

5-30k: I breeze through this part. I don’t know why, but this section is always incredibly easy for me to write. This is usually the stage where I’m completely in love with my characters and plot, and I start to telling myself this is the best thing I’ve ever written.

30-40k: This is the most difficult stage for me. I’m starting to see plot holes, or I’m sick of my characters a bit. I start to stress myself out about all the editing I’m going to have to do. At that moment, the book will be put back down and I’ll struggle to write more than 300 words at a time. It’ll continue like this for months.

40-End: It really depends on the story as to where the ‘end’ is. Book number one was originally 66k, book two was 41k and book three is currently 44k with somewhere between another 5 and 10k to go. At this point, I’m still dragging my feet along from the previous section, and then one day I suddenly realise I’ve only got another few thousand words to go. Suddenly I’m working double time. I eat, sleep and breathe this novel, and there’s absolutely no way I’m giving up on it now. I finish the last word, and then I let out a sigh of relief.

So that’s how the first draft process usually goes for me. Do you share any of these feelings, or do you have ones of your own?


5 thoughts on “Those Word Count Feelings

  1. We actually have pretty similar feelings when it comes to word counts! The 30-40k is really hard for me and I struggle to keep motivated all through that time. I feel like I would be better off starting something else and that the novel is getting nowhere. But then when I am close to the end I’m sprinting to reach it and can’t wait to get there 😀


  2. YAAAAA! I think it’s the most hard, the middle- ending part, because you’ve gotten over the hump of your story ,you decided to stick with the character and they way everything is going.. but THEN… something magical happens and you FINISH. 🙂
    And, haha! Sometimes it IS hard to come up with topics to write about! teehee! But as usual, I LURVED your post anyway! And I just realized that I don’t follow our blog which is why I NEVER get any of the updates… FAIL WHALE.


  3. I always feel like I’m writing a little too much when my word counts for the day are between 1k-3k. Especially when I realize I’m going to have to go back and edit all of those chapters once I’m finished. I love writing the middle part as well! That’s when I just breeze through my writing since I know my characters and my story is starting to take form finally! The ending, though, I always stress about ;D Awesome post!!


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