Hi! We’re a team of six bloggers who have made this blog to help you out with all things writerly. If you want to contact all of us you can send an email to thesewriterly@gmail.com. However, if you want to follow us separately or any other of our social media sites, find us below.

websitesforeverythingHi! I’m Olivia-Savannah, a British 16 year old currently living in the Netherlands. I’m book crazy, love basketball, writing and all things nail polish. I also love social media, which you’ll see from the numerous links below…

Links: Personal Blog, YoutubeGoodreads, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus

Personal Contact Email: lonelysearchforever@gmail.com

Natalie_Profile PicNatalie Monroe is a book addict with a writing problem and not enough cats. She can often be found lurking around Goodreads under the pretense of research or jotting down ideas on weird surfaces, like her elbow. All her stories contain fantastical elements because she believes everyone needs a touch of magic in their lives.

Links: Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram

Personal Contact Email: natmonroe4@gmail.com



10421373_10152837778611428_8653831760796214262_nJoy is a blogger, devourer and hoarder of books from Winnipeg, Canada. She pretends to be a writer from time to time, but would rather enjoy other people’s work. I was told to write the book I want to read. And one of these days, I will. So while I’m waiting for the courage to expose my soul to the world, would you be the void I shout my inane ramblings into? 

Contact Email:  joyousreads@gmail.com

keiondaaaKeionda: Writing is my passion and I pray to the good Lord I’m published within the next two years! (Cross your fingers AND toes for me) I’ve made it a personal goal to write the first draft of a book, but here’s that pesky condition: It has to be within… A MONTH. So far on this crazy journey, I’ve written 9 and starting my 10th!

I also had a really hard time writing this because… well, I’m not all that interesting. (LIKE AT ALL.) I’m an introvert and banish myself to my room in front of my computer screen on most days but other days I’m a lovely extrovert and I LOVE ALL PEOPLES.

I’m bilingual (English and Spanish) because I’m awesome and that is all. If you give me cake and coffee, it is quite possible I shall creep out of my writing cave. (I am also partial to being bribed out by lattes and candy corn–>(The little pumpkin-shaped ones or the Valentine themed ones. I aint a picky)

I’m interested in knowing more about the most important/epical/aweseomest person here. YOU! So, don’t bring afraid to stop by and say hi! I LURVE meeting new people as long as you too love CAKE, we are going to be the most EPICAL friends ever!

Personal Links:

Contact Email: Keionda.lewis@eagles.usm.edu


Hi! I’m Ely, a 20 year old from Melbourne, Australia. I’ve been obsessed with books, both reading and writing them, for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been blogging about them for three years. I study Creative Writing and Literature at University.

Links: Blog, Twitter, Goodreads, Instagram and Pinterest.


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  2. [ Smiles ] Oh, this blog should not have problems with coming up with material for it.


    Because, it has a team comprised of passionate bloggers.

    I would like to wish all of the blog administrators all the best with this blog and may the readership for this blog sky-rocket!

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