All About Me, Myself and I…

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to discuss the art of autobiographic writing. I know that sometimes it can be a bit hard to imagine. You? Writing about yourself? No one is going to want to read that, you think. Especially when I haven’t gone through some miraculous self-finding journey, I’m not funny, or I’m not famous (because sometimes famous people do write autobiographies that include nothing much but their life. It only sells because they are famous). But the thing is…

YOU don’t have to be any of those things.

Anyone can write an autobiography, or even a short story that is autobiographic. I’m going to give you some of the main tips you need to make writing about yourself more interesting for other people. And then it’ll be up to you whether or not you want to do it.


So, first things first! All books have a beginning. The difference with an autobiography is that you don’t have to start with when you born. You can choose a different beginning and that is completely up to you. Make sure the beginning you choose is where your life story starts becoming relevant to your overall message. If your childhood has something to do with it, then you can start there. If you want to include a bit of your childhood and then skip along to the adulthood part where other things should be the focus, then make use of the power of prologues. 

The MOST important thing in writing an autobiography has to be your voice. It can’t be the voice of another person, like in fiction. It has to be original, it has to be yours and yours alone. Which is why some writers do find it easier to write an autobiography after going on a self-finding journey. Then it because easy to write as you. But you don’t need to go on some kind of self-discovery-Kung-Fu-Panda-movies-esque kind of journey. All you need to do is think about what makes you YOU and then chuck it into the mix. If you’re someone who uses a lot of made up words in their speech, then do so in your writing too. Do you like lists? Use lists in your autobiography. Do you listen to music? Maybe match a song to each situation. Little things like this let the voice show through your writing and molds a style that no one else can match.


The next thing you need to make sure you is a story. If you are writing an autobiography there has to be some kind of reason for it. If you did go on a self-discovery trip, that’s what you would talk about. If it has to do with family history and drama, that’s another story. It could be anything from the way to survive-high-school with funny stories of your own in it, or how to overcome embarrassing moments with a personal touch. Just don’t forget that like any kind of fiction novel, there has to be a storyline and it has to be enough to grip the reader as well.

In line with the storyline, every book needs to have a message or a lesson. Something that the reader can take away with them for the future. It can be said that every book has this if you look deep enough, and I would agree with that myself. So in par with your storyline, there should be some kind of lesson that is important enough for you to want to know about it.


And last but not least… the end. Now because you’re alive and writing the autobiography, it’s impossible for you to end the book with your death. Unless of course… you want to put a fictional spin on things. Choosing where the end should be is vital to your autobiography. Once the story is done and the lesson is learned you don’t want to drone on and on and let it drag. You want to wrap it up on the perfect note. So be careful where to you choose to end things!

NOTE: The best tip I can give you is to read other autobiographies and memoirs with a massive range in genre and try and catch the patterns. See what you like and don’t like and adjust it to your own.


What about you? Have you ever thought of writing an autobiography or something like it? Would that interest you? What’s one exciting thing that has happened in your life?

Olivia-Savannah x


4 thoughts on “All About Me, Myself and I…

  1. I actually never even though to this before Olivia ! BUT I think that at some point in our life either we’re going to have to write an autobiography or a biography (is that the right word??) for someone else, so ALL of these tips re really good! I cringe when I think about writing about myself. AM I EVEN INTERESTING? I DO NOT KNOW.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You will ALWAYS be interesting Keionda – I can tell that from the voice coming through your blog posts alone ❤


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