Make Writing TOP PRIORITY in Your Life.

Gosh guys, it feels like I’ve been gone for a super long time! Everything has been super busy I, along with some other members here, had to sort through a lot of LIFE stuff. But we’re all back and happy to jump back into it!
As a fair warning, just letting you guys know that this post is going to be kind of short. 😉 but it’s still an important post and I hope you guys take a lot out of it like I did as I wrote it. ♥♥
Well, what are we waiting for??

Let’s get to it!

So today I wanted to share with you guys something that I found in one of my emails (it was from one of the many emails I sighed up for bettering my writing)

It was a message that was really powerful to me and the best part about is that what I’m about to share, you guys  can use in their life. (Whether it be centered toward your writing or your own personal lives). Whatever floats your boat 😉 I originally got this AWESOME-CAKES idea from the lovely ladies over at Go Teen Writers, (if you’ve not yet subscribed to them and you call yourself a writer, YO, OMG WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??) Any who, what they talk about is basically about a mason jar, some sand, and some super huge rocks. 

Am I making any sense? Calm down, calm down. I know. But shh, listen. All of this is about to make sense.

They talk about setting your priorities to make sure you’re not stressing and that you never lose sight of what’s important in your life. (family, job, friends, etc.) So, remember how I talked about that sand, mason jar, and rocks? Well, the example they gave, talked about going through life and being able to decipher/remember the difference between the filter things, or “the sand.” This is how it works: You get a jar, fill it with rocks, then add the sand and watch as the sand particles ease their way between the rocks, navigating their way to the bottom, A.K.A. the “big” things in our life, or the more important things. 

Isn’t that just the bestest thing EVA??

Also, I have absolutely no idea if I made any sense just then because I, Kei Lei, am a total fail whale at explaining things. I kid you not. Don’t even try to get me to explain directions to you. I’d half you somewhere in Hong Kong by the time we’re through. 

So, anyway, Go Teen Writers’ post is super freaking awesome and if I have you the slightest bit curious about what they’re all about and you’re a writer then PLEASE, PLEASE go check them out guys!

I don’t know about you guys but this message really helped me out a lot! It really changed my perspective on a lot of things in my life. So, let go of all of the stress of life (whether it be with writing, school, work, etc.) and just remember to let the sand slip between the rocks today. Decide what is is the most important at that moment. Soooo, have fun, plan it all out. You’ll be happier for it.

Let the sand fall between the rocks. ♥♥

Now it's your turn 2

Any other quotes that you guys have come across that have really changed how you look at things? Or helped you to see things differently ehen you were going through tough times? I’d love to hear them, yo!

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4 thoughts on “Make Writing TOP PRIORITY in Your Life.

  1. I love this because I’ve just read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert and I sort of got the same message out of it. You should make your creativity a priority because it’s what you love to do. ^_^


  2. I think that is a brilliant explanation about filtering so the most important things come first. I’m actually trying to work on that and I think it’s going to help me a whole lot as well. I’m working on it and I want to make writing a top priority myself. Oh, and I’m checking out that site right now! I hadn’t heard of it before 😉


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