What Is Your Writing Preoccupied With?


I’ve been doing a lot of Literature assignments lately, which means I’ve been thinking a lot about author’s preoccupations with certain things. For example; Sylvia Plath’s obsessions with her father, the sea and bees. It got me thinking about the recurring elements in my own writing, and I thought I’d share a few with you today.


I always had a really strong relationship with my mum—she was my best friend, and so for me it’s really rare that my characters aren’t super close with their mum’s. In my first novel, Tied Together, several of my character’s mum’s make frequent appearances, or are at least referenced. My ‘mum characters’ are always very strong women, just like my mum was.

Physical Disabilities.

This is another thing very close to my heart. I have a reasonably minor physical disability, though it does impact me every day. I was reading through Tied Together the other day though, and I realised how many characters have physical disabilities of some kind. I didn’t even realise this as I was writing, but now I’m not sure if I’ve included too many!

Unique settings

My last post was about why you should set your books in unique settings, and I mentioned then that most of my novels are set somewhere unique. I think this is because I love to travel, and I love researching new places. Also, I like to think that a unique setting would only make my books more interesting to read.

So those are just a couple of the things my writing tends to include. Do you have any of these in your writing? Or is there something else you write about? Or is there a particular author you like to read because of what they like to write about?


2 thoughts on “What Is Your Writing Preoccupied With?

  1. This was such a cool post. I guess that sometimes we don’t realise patterns we include in our own writing until we clearly think about them and track them. Upon thinking I realise that there are two things always appearing in my own. One is a sister sister relationship because I have three sisters and I love them to pieces. The other being that there is usually a diverse culture to each character because I come from an international school and am used to having that around me every day.


  2. Hmmmm, I think I’d say I love when a book includes food in it, and stuff that me as a 20-something year old can relate to! I love books that talk about family, friends (basically normal stuff) OH! And I’m a biggie on scenes in school (and the drama that ensues in school sometimes!)Even though the hero is off fighting three-eyed dragons and crap doesn’t mean they don’t have a history paper due. I mean, pfft, just sayin’.

    I LURVED this post girl! ❤


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