I Have Commitment Issues

Hey everyone!

So These Writerly Conundrums has been on a bit of an unexpected hiatus… which is largely my fault >.> But this month we have some things in store for you, and I am looking forward to getting this blog back up and running again.

Now… the main reason this whole hiatus happened is because sometimes, I have commitment issues. I decided I was going to commit to this blog but then I got a little lazy and had the mindset of ‘I’ll add this to my list and get to it later.’ Which, evidently, I didn’t do. Until now.

But that’s not the point of this blog post. Because, ladies, gentlemen and all my fellow writers – We all have commitment issues!

They come in all different forms and sizes. I’m going to run through a couple of them here, and then I will mention the solutions too.

The I’LL DO IT LATER Commitment Issuei-dont-procrastinate-i-just-do-things-later

Situation: You have your story all planned out. The research has been done. The character profiles are ready to jump out of their mold and come to life on the pages. The world has been built brick by solid brick. But there’s just one issue – you sit at the desk, fingers poised over the keyboard and suddenly…

You remember that you have an essay due next week, the washing machine needs fixing and you need to clean the inside of the car one more time before your best friend visits for the weekend. “I’ll do it later,” you promise, as you shut everything down and head off to do all the other chores.

Solution: Remind yourself that later is going to be just as busy. When it comes to writing, there is no later. There is only NOW. In the mornings try and make a list of things you need to do for the day, and then spend the morning writing for a set period of time – 20 minutes to an hour. Try to avoid writing in the evening because you’ll feel bombarded by all you need to do. Mornings are your writing go-time.

The WRITE ALL THE THINGS Commitment Issue


Situation: Your brain acts like it has just been struck by lightning… all the time! You have about three light bulbs going off at once. Plot bunny after plot bunny are constantly pummeling against the side of your brain and you just want to write them all. However, that’s clearly impossible when your mind is darting from one thing to the next, and in the end you up writing a big fat total of zilch words.

Solution: Notebooks are your medicine! Make sure you always have one by your side, and I mean ALWAYS. You need to write down every single idea – no matter how ridiculous (Greek Gods riding horses on the motorway while chugging back vodka shots, you say?) – they turn out to be. Then when it comes to your writing time, highlight the one idea you’ll be working on. It’s much easier to focus that way and you might even be able to meld some of those plots into your focus novel.

The RESEARCH IS MY BFF Commitment Issue


Situation: You love writing books set in foreign countries or in a fantasy world. But of course, to make this realistic you need to do your research. You need to know what kind of traffic lights they would have. What wood is that made of? And what plants would there be around? Once you’re done with the world though, you need to work on your characters. Give them personalities. Facial features. Now that you’ve done all this… it might be good to research some more. Because if we’re going to make this story realistic we need to look into how brunettes really think… how they move… how they feel being a brunette. LOOK UP EVERY DETAIL POSSIBLE!

Solution: Research is an important part of writing but you also need to know where to draw the line. Otherwise, you’ll never get to the actual writing bit! You need to give yourself a week and a week alone to do all the research your mind can think of. It’s up to you how much you cram into that single week. After that, you have to start writing! If you don’t know a detail you want to know, make something up, highlight it in another colour and then when you go and make edits once the first draft is completed… then you’re free to look it up!

The I WISH I ACTUALLY KNEW HOW TO WRITE Commitment Issue tumblr_li6g18KtQV1qh01r8o1_400

Situation: You love reading and you have a shelf of books purely dedicated to your favourite authors. Among the likes of Harry Potter, Shadowhunter books and some good Jane Austen too, are authors like Stephen King and others who have made it. You read the books again and again, loving their writing and wanting to dive into their books. When it comes to writing time you stop at the computer and freeze up. “I wish I knew how to write like them,” you say. “I’ll never be good enough for this.” And then you promptly shut down your computer and put everything away.

Solution: You need to be you! Uniqueness is the best thing about each of those author’s you love, and if you don’t have the power to be yourself through your writing it isn’t going to work either. You need to leave post it note reminders of how well you can write and about being YOU so that when you get down to writing, you can read them and find your own novel forming right at your fingertips.

The WRITER-BLOGGER-READER Commitment Issuewait_for_ittumblr_n7tfl3iXlm1t52mf4o1_500

Situation: You write. You blog. You read. So you spend all of your time being productive and acing life. But then you realise that at some point you just continued saying you do all of those things… while actually doing none at all. You take a holiday, and it doesn’t work. Hiatus. Read some light-hearted books. But nothing is catching your eye. What do you do?

Solution: You just start writing a blog post about other people who procrastinate and feel a lot better about yourself. Therefore, in turn, you’ve also started blogging and before you know it, you’re write-read-blog mojo shall have returned.

DISCLAIMER: The last one may just be me speaking to myself. Or not >.>

So how about you? Which one of these do you feel applies to yourself? Were the solutions helpful? Or do you not have any commitment issues at all?

Olivia-Savannah x


14 thoughts on “I Have Commitment Issues

  1. [ Smiles ] I do not want to be the one to be out of line here; but I must say, “This blog has more than one administrator. Therefore, all of the posting should not be on your figurative shoulders.”

    It is time for the others to fill in the slack.

    I too have been busy, so I scheduled my posts in advance to make things easy on myself.

    I am the only administrator for “The Chronicles Of Renard.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it does but I am the one who had the idea for the blog so usually I set up the calendar so that they can all choose days to post and so on. And while I was gone, many did ask what was happening and so on! But from now on, we’re working together as a team to keep things running. I do usually preschedule but I just lost the inspiration to blog for a long time..


    • Thanks for reblogging to help share about this post! But yeah, I basically have experienced all of the above >.> Good to know I’m not alone in this :’D

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah they can be. And I think the worst thing I did was stop reading other blogs too! Now that I’m reading again, I feel the pull to be writing again too.


  2. Hi, Olivia – I think we all have commitment issues from time to time. I especially have them when I’m afraid (for whatever reason) to move forward. Could be that I’m second guessing myself, or wondering if it’s the best path for me to take. 🙂
    @dino0726 from 
    FictionZeal – Impartial, Straightforward Fiction Book Reviews

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hmm… maybe I have been second guessing myself subconsciously without knowing it. Thanks for sharing that bit of wisdom with me, Diane. I wouldn’t have thought of it that way myself before.


  3. I think a lot of mine is the procrastination, as well as the not feeling like a good writer. I am working on making myself just write whether I think it is good or not, to just get what I am thinking on paper. Trying to make myself realize I can go back and make it better later. I am planning to take a little “writer’s retreat” this summer to a cabin in Colorado that a friend of mine has that she said I could use. I plan to work on several things while I’m there! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Procrastination is something a lot of people can relate to whether it is writing or anything else. But seeing yourself as a good writer is a big issue a lot more people face than they realise. Editing is for later – and you can do it! First drafts are made to be rubbish 😉 I hope the writing retreat can work for you. Have fun ❤


    • Same here. I really can’t wait to get back into my writing groove. I’ve itched my way into blogging and reading again. It’s the final step 🙂


  4. HAHAH! This is TOTALLY ME! I make excuses (sometimes) about my writing and that mostly comes from insecurities! OH! And I agree with you about writing in the morning! No one else is up, it’s quiet, everything is all dark and cozy, IT’S QUIET, and you don’t have to worry (yet) about all of the stuff you have to do for the day! #morningrocksyo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, mornings are the best time to write and do all the things you want to do but never seem to have enough time for! I would say go for it :3 And don’t worry about insecurities because you’re wonderful and no one else can write like you can ❤


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