Writing 101: For Beginners

Hey everyone! Happy leap year day 😀

I’ve actually started a series of videos on my youtube channel which I am going to be gearing towards writers or those who want to write. I’ve decided it might be a good idea to share those videos here for those who want to watch a video version. And for those who don’t, I am going to have a written version in this blog post as well!

This is a post for beginners, but even our advanced writer selves need a recap of the basics from time to time. So let’s begin!

Snooze-worthy Grammar…8143_60_news_hub_multi_630x0.gif

I know what you’re thinking. Really, Olivia, starting with grammar? But the truth of the matter is that grammar and punctuation are pretty important! No one can really enjoy a story when it is incredibly hard to read and you need to jump through hoops to understand the message alone. Even though lots of writers like to skip over this step, it can be incredibly valuable to take the time to learn the basic grammar rules. I’ll be doing an extensive post on this in the future, so make sure you look out for that one!

Read, Read and… you guessed it! READ.


This is probably the advice I would give to most writers. I may love reading but that is not the only reason why. Reading is incredibly important if you want to know what works and what doesn’t  work in a book. You learn about common tropes and once you know what you like/don’t like in a book, you can make sure you do/don’t include those elements in your own book!

And let’s just agree, reading is fun right? Natalie wrote a lovely post about the books she reads to get inspired which you should check out for more information!

Settle Down in your Writing Zone

deadmau5 settle down

Every writer needs a writing zone. A mental one as well as a physical one. Your mental writing zone is the time of day that you give yourself to write. Try and set aside a standard amount of time each day which you can fully dedicate to your writing so you make sure you are always making progress.

For a physical writing zone, I’m more so relating to place! Where is it that you write? What is comfortable. Do you need a playlist? Silence? A pile of handy writing prompts for when times get rough? Make a little writing huddle zone just for yourself.

Plot Bunnies and Stereotypes


No one can write without an idea. Some people get visited by the plot bunnies on a daily basis. Some of us have to go hunting and drag them out from the depths of their rabbit holes by their tails. It’s kinda different for everyone. Either way, try and find ways to get inspired and sprout those plot bunnies!

One way that I do this is by knowing my stereotypes. There are plenty of different kinds of tropes that happen in books. Knights in shining armor, damsels in distress… etc. But what YOU can do is take those common tropes that everyone secretly loves and put a spin on them to make them original and like something no one has ever seen before!



This one might seem pretty straight forward – and that;s because it is! Most of us write about things that we can relate to. But that doesn’t mean we know everything there is to know about that particular subject, emotion, or setting. Further research is needed to create the best writing about it that you possibly can!



Every writer needs at least one person to pester them about their writing. Someone who they can possibly write with when they want to, or someone who just cares enough to ask them if they have written today! I have someone like that… actually quite a few now. But what about you? I’ve mentioned how YWS is a great place for it, and have even made a whole post about why we need to partner up as writers.

So that’s all the advice I could give to a newbie writer! What advice would you give? 

Olivia-Savannah x


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