Finding Inspiration from Another Person’s Work


To be perfectly clear, this post is not about copying another person’s work. It’s about finding inspiration to keep doing what you’ve temporarily lost the motivation to do. Yesterday, while I found myself procrastinating again, I sought my books for inspiration. This book caught my attention. I’ve had it for months but I’ve never had the need to flick through the pages. Until yesterday, that is.  Chasers of the Light is a collection of typewritten poetry by a man who got famous on Instagram. His words are lonely, sometimes heartbreaking but gorgeous. I’ve always been a fan and Tyler was the man that inspired me to write back then. I was surprised how instantaneous my reaction was. I almost felt like crying because his words was like a douse of ice cold water. It woke me up. Instantly, I remember those frantic days, nights and early mornings when my fingers couldn’t keep up with the words spilling from me.

It is tough to make it as a poet in the publishing world. The market, though not saturated, is not that popular. But I know I want to publish my work. I just didn’t know how. A month ago, I found out that there’s an independent bookstore here who does publishing work for indie authors and that they do their best to cater to the writer’s vision of their work. Up until yesterday, I hadn’t a clue as to how best to format my work.

I’ve been slowly going through my notebooks and collections of poems. I was amazed by how much I’ve amassed in the last few years. Some of the words are cheesy as hell, but some have a bit of truth and honesty that was shocking even to me. Seeing Tyler’s book gave me a swift kick in the butt. He reminded me that if I don’t write it, no one will read it. So, thank you, Tyler. Once again, you’re an inspiration.


What about you? Who do you go to when you need a jolt of inspiration?


5 thoughts on “Finding Inspiration from Another Person’s Work

  1. Such a lovely story about inspiration there, Joy. And I hope in time you can get published. I do wish there was a bigger industry for poetry out there as well because it can really be so wonderful and should be appreciated a whole lot more than it currently is… When I really need inspiration I haven’t found what works for me yet. Which is probably my main issue sometimes :/

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