The Young Writers Society

Happy February everyone!

Some of you may not know this, but I’m a moderator over on this writing website called The Young Writers Society.

And I sort of love it there.

What it is, is a community of young writers who have the chance to share their writing online (copyright stays theirs) and with the help of a point system, in return for reviewing other people’s works, they get reviews on their own. That way everyone is helping each other get feedback on their writing.

I have been using the site since I was twelve years old. I have read some amazing stories there, novels, poetry, and I know quite a few users who have gone off and gotten published. But the best thing about it is that there is a sense of anonymity because you use a username, so everything is still private. Here’s why you need this website in this life:

It’s for young writers, but that only depends on your definition of young!

Yes, there are thirteen year olds on here. Yes, there are those that are 24 there too. It depends on what you see as “young.”


You’re going to get valuable feedback. Remember what I said about partnering up

Those reviews are going to be your light in the dark. They are going to help shape your writing and make you a better writer by the end of it.


It’s a community! 

You get to meet some lovely people, and make friends as well. With people who share the same hobby as you! That’s always valuable.


There are forums brimming with writing advice.

Yep. You’ll find plenty of articles written by writers for writers. Which means it is usually advice that really works. On top of all that, you can ask questions and get replies! Interactive advice. :3


Chatrooms for endless word wars.

Yes, there is the main chatroom. So whenever you feel like discussing things writerly with actual people, running a word war to pick up that word count, you can!


Workshops. Events. Radio Talks.

Every now and again there is a workshop, or a special event, or even a radio talk! Workshops are so wonderful because the specialise in a time of writing, or a writing concept. you don’t know how wonderful they are until you’ve tried one. This site really does have it all.


I use it and I’m fabulous.

I’m just joking. Or am I?


But mostly, it will help you write more, meet those deadlines, and feel happy being a writer.

So join us there now!


Do you have a writing based website that you use? Do you want one?

Olivia-Savannah x


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