No, no I’m not crazy. Pfft. (Well, maybe sometimes, but shh, that’s not the point I’m trying to make here.)

If you want to learn how to write 10K in ONE day or if you’re just looking to increase your overall word count, YOU MUST READ THIS POST.

1. Plan your scenes BEFORE you write them.

When I was a newbie writer, I would just sit at my computer and be all like: MY FINGERS SHALL CALL FORTH MAGIC AND I SHALL HAVE IDEAS. LOTS OF IT. Funny enough, I WOULD have the ideas and they would come, but you know what? I wouldn’t make it past three thousand words without feeling TIRED. BUTT TIRED.

So after months and months of this happening I finally figured out that I needed to plan my secenes before I sat in front of my computer and just expected them to write the words themselves.

So, I started sitting down thirty minutes a day and mediated, listening to my “book playlist”–>This is legit the name of my playlist, you no judge. But anyway, I would do this and imagine my scenes, how they would play out, who would be in them, and so on and so forth. The next time when I wrote, I WAS AMPED and I felt BETTER because I was so prepared.

2. Set GOALS for yourself.
GUYS. This has to be the most mportat rule I can give you. If you don’t set goals for yosuelf, how will you be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel? How will you be able to call forth that amazing feeling of FINALLY finishing that book if you don’t know when/where you’re going to start/finish? It’ll be really hard. Let me tell you. These days I set the timer and plan to write 4,000 words every hour. At two hours of writing time a day (I’m a busy person) I can get 8,000 words easy.


Me? When I get in the zone, I’m at the point to where my hands are drummin’ over my keyboard and the ideas are just coming. The fact that I PLANNED everything before I write it helps out. So, when I’m writing I try not to think about WHAT I’m writing nor how it sounds because usually none of that is going to matter in the great scheme of things because when you edit your book, you’re either going to edit all that stuff out our rewrite it complelty so why waste valuable time ediitng, or making sure you get it just right when it may/may not be in your book in the first place?

4. Cut social media/Other distractions. THEY BE NOT YER FRIEND.
I’m actually guilty of this because I actually have been feeling pretty daring and have had the need to procrastinate lately. Social media has been my downfall, plus aimlessly walking around my house talking to people is a huge distraction as well. This has led to my suffering word count for the past THREE FREAKING MONTHS, my lack of online social media prensce, and my overall bad/dark moods when I can’t write like I want to.

Let me tell you. Not a good time. Not a good time. At. All.


So there you have it! Those are my four sure fire tips to get you prepared to kick out those words! And don’t be afraid if you don’t get the word count you want on the firset try. Believe me, I’ve been doing this for little over a year and have been driving myself crazy ever since, trying to figure out how in the heck to chane my writing for the better so each month, each day, each SECOND, I strive to make myself better! How about you?

                                                                        OVER TO YOU:

Do you guys set any goals for yourselves already? What’s your daily word count? Oh! And did any of my awesome and inspiring advice change YOUR writing life? Which ones will you implement?



12 thoughts on “HOW TO WRITE 10K IN ONE DAY

  1. Great post Keionda! I do love writing a lot and after writing with YOU I have realised how much I truly can write in one hour if I sit down and push myself to do it. I have a feeling that I potentially COULD write 10 k in a single day if I did aspire to it. I want to try it at some point, especially to finish off this fantasy novel I’ve started, so I can’t wait to work on that using these tips! ^.^


      • Yep, time is getting me down too. I haven’t been writing because I am editing now! And working on a poetry anthology and I’ve never tried to speed write poetry? So between editing my novel and writing a poem every two days I haven’t been working on another novel… but I will message you as soon as I am writing again! Or would you want to buddy edit or so?


  2. Tip one is so essential. I usually plan a chapter’s rundown two chapters ahead, so I’m not staring at a blank screen going, “Fuck, I know this thing is supposed to happen, but I don’t know how to make it happen.”


    • RIGHT!! It is SO GOOD and SO BENEFICIAL to plan Natalie! And I’ve been there where I’ll be writing and then my fingers will slowly stop typing as I try to figure out what the HECK is supposed to happen now… Yeah, been there and done that! 🙂


  3. I love this! This reminds me of the year when Cait @ Paper Fury finished NanowriMo in 5 days O_O It can definitely be done, but sadly I don’t think I can put so many things in my life on hold, as much as I’d want to. I’ll give this a try someday, maybe on a holiday or something. Great tips Keionda!!


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  5. Dude, this post is so good. I always tire out after 2k, but I remember my first NaNoWriMo went incredibly well and that was because I knew exactly where I wanted the story to go. I’d planned out every scene. And then I stopped doing it and everything went to hell hahaha. Thanks for reminding me!


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