Writerly Resolutions: The way to ACTUALLY achieving stuff!

Happy New Year all you writers out there!

I know what you’re thinking. It’s pretty cliche to kick off the new year with resolutions – everyone seems to be setting themselves some. But did you know that 92% of new years resolutions set fail to ever be fulfilled? Isn’t that tragic? All those resolutions just waiting to be conquered and yet are still out there… waiting…

As a writer, we do need to set writing goals for ourselves otherwise – let’s be honest here – the majority of us are never going to achieve anything. I’m here to help you set goals which you will actually be able to achieve!


Here’s why most people never succeed: The two main causes are forgetting, and failing to track your progress. It’s as simple as that. So what you need to do with your resolutions once you have set them, is to give yourself reminders all through the year. Maybe once a month your phone is going to go ding! “Have you written your 5000 words for this month?”  or you will come home every evening, sit at your desk and see that post-it you left for yourself which says WRITE THOSE 500 WORDS. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. Either way, whatever you do, make sure it is impossible for you to forget your goal. Remember, every morning there is a possibility of creeping close towards that goal of yours.


Now here is why you won’t be part of that 92%: because you are going to stay motivated. You’re going to be following this blog (I can hope, okay?) which is going to give you all the tips and tricks about writerly things to keep you interested and curious to know more. You’re going to be told every day or month or week about your goal because you’ve set yourself reminders. And most of all, you’re going to be motivated to write and reach the end of that goal of yours!


Some goal tips:

Writing a novel? It can be tricky to keep up with a novel, but small bitesize word counts which are easy to achieve will make it easy for you! I don’t even mean 500 words (because trust me, sometimes 500 words is pretty hard to churn out.) I’m talking 165 words a day. It’s such a small amount but after a year, you’ve already got + 60,000 words – which could even be considered a whole novel. So go write that bestseller and kick-butt at it too 😀


Writing poetry? Well then, why shouldn’t this be the year you make your poetry anthology? Setting yourself to write a poem a week isn’t too hard. Try and give yourself potential time to be inspired, and maybe edit the poem as well. A poem a week and by the end of the year it’s 52 poems… jolly well enough for an anthology. It’s that easy!


Are short stories your thing? Short stories do take quite a bit of planning, editing, and of course the writing time should be taken into account as well. That’s why two weeks should be enough to tackle one and get an idea for another? Do that all year and you have 26 by the end of it, which is once again enough for a short story collection. Go slay it ^.^


Oh, just one more thing! It’s very important to make time for YOU among all this writing work!


Yep, you. Because without this glorious being who is you, how can there be any of your wonderful words? We need a healthy, happy, relaxed and ready-to-write you. So make sure you have time in that schedule for pampering and relaxing. This doesn’t only benefit your writing, but everything you are going to do.

Have a brilliant year everyone ❤

Olivia-Savannah x


10 thoughts on “Writerly Resolutions: The way to ACTUALLY achieving stuff!

  1. All good points! Another thing that I’ve noticed helps me writing is when I read at the same time. It seems to help improve my skills and keep me in a writing motivated attitude.

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  2. Last night, as I was going through all the poems I’ve written in the past, I got to thinking about how long it’s been since I’ve written one. I really should take steps to get that going again. These are great suggestions. Writing something – anything is the first step to achieving all our goals. for this year.

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  3. Fab tips! Breaking stuff down really helps make s book manageable & I think it’s super important to look after yourself too! I know when I feel drained the stuff I write isn’t fab so getting myself doing me is priority numero uno ❤

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