You Deserve Cake.

Vanilla. Red Velvet. Wedding Cake. Pound cake.

Heck. Even a German Chocolate cake sounds delightful even though I detest the stubborn little coconut pieces that stick in my teeth afterwards.

I digress.

I would like to dedicate this post….TO YOU, the writer/reader of this epical post. The fact that you’re even taking the time to read this means LOADS. You’re dedicated and you’re one of the few in the ENTRIE GALAXY that has the willpower/dedication/BRAVERY to venture out, be different-to write and be creative. That means LOADS. It also makes you my new favorite person. (Hence, the reason as to why you deserve cake.)

But as good as all that sounds, writing has its positives….and its negatives…

How many times throughout the day do you just want to rip out your hair from the roots, because one of your characters are “misbehaving?” Or they just won’t let you sleep at night because, pfft, they think they’re all that and deserve ALL THE TIME?


Yeah. Thought so.


Now, some of you may be wondering: Why write, if this is how it makes you feel? If you just want to crawl under your covers, stick your head in your pillow and ugly cry? WHY?

Simple Answer: Because you LOVE what you do. So why not do it?


I could talk all day about how many times I’ve entertained the thought of calling it quits. I literally sat in my bed one time and was all like:

“WHAT IS THE MEANING TO THE MADNESS??” (Because believe me, there was a lot of madness going around at this point.)

But I didn’t give up. And neither should you. Ever.

                                                                                  OVER TO YOU:

What do you guys do when you feel the stress of writing? Does it get to the point to where you’re questioning the reason you started doing this in the first place? What do you do to cope during these hard moments?



3 thoughts on “You Deserve Cake.

  1. YAY! This is the perfect post for right before Christmas ❤ And I tell you, I know the feeling :3 I love writing most of the times but sometimes it all gets too much. But then I usually read and fangirl about someone else's characters instead 😛


  2. [ Smiles ] I will have any vegan cake.

    Now, I do not feel the stress of writing, because I listen to electronic dance music on my headphone while I write (I would not have it any other way).

    Seasons Greeting!


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