We Are All Nick Miller

This is Nick from New Girl. (Which by the way is an amazing show. It’s hilarious and flips the Maniac Pixie Dream Girl trope around.) He has… issues.

He also happens to be a writer.

He’s determined to finish his zombie novel.

He has writing idols, like we do.

He procrastinates.


He knows the pain of research.

He cheats on his word count.

He binge-writes.

And he understands that means a lot of typos and weird word choices.

He has the perfect response when people ask how your manuscript is going.

He knows what being a writer is all about.

In short, we are all Nick Miller.


7 thoughts on “We Are All Nick Miller

  1. I’ve only seen one or two episodes of New Girl, but for some reason I don’t remember his character too well. Of course, I was definitely making a mistake because he sounds hilarious. And in short – as you put it – just like every one of us. The one I relate to most of all is how we all hate writing sometimes, even though we do love it.

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  2. I am actually writing a blog post of my own on how much I love Nick Miller and Chandler Bing, hahaha. I do believe we are all Nick Miller, especially when he writes. Nick Miller is everything.

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