The Importance of Poetry

Hello everyone!

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This month you’ll be seeing a few more poetry related posts popping up as it is our theme for the month. Poetry is something many people love or hate. Everyone’s forced to study it at school and try to grasp meaning to the complicated words and determine the rhyming pattern. Some people love the rhyming, some people much prefer free verse. A lot of people would like to scrap poetry all together. I, for one, love poetry, and I want to tell you why it is so important.

But before I begin, I should first begin by telling you the tale of how poetry begun. poetry-sm

Once upon a time, most people couldn’t be bothered with writing (well, didn’t have the tools for writing). So instead of recording everything in words, they did so with their voices. They would sing the tales of events to their children, who would then sing it to theirs, and so on, and so on. Many people in the present day would argue that this was the first ever form of poetry, while many would say it was the first form of song, and that song isn’t poetry. That’s up for you to decide.

Poetry can be closely related to music. Sometimes a rap in a song sounds more like spoken poetry than anything else, but with music to it. Sometimes a ballad can be counted as poetry as well, when sung around a campfire. There’s written poetry, modern poetry, classic poetry, spoken poetry – just as I believe there is a novel out there for everyone, I do believe there is a poem out there for everyone too.

But why should we even bother with poetry?

Emotions: Do you ever get that feeling when you are in a certain mood and there is just one song that you want to listen to on repeat? The same happens with poetry. A poem can sometimes speak your own thoughts louder than words and can perfectly represent your feelings. As well as that, writing one can help you understand your own emotions better as well. large

Admiration: This is often the kind of poetry you end up studying at some point in school. When you admire something/someone, you can show your love in a poem. It seems like a lot of people seem pretty appreciate of nature, doesn’t it…


Understanding and relating: Again, this is just like how it is when you read a book. Your getting into another persona’s mind and seeing their thoughts and feelings. It might be worded differently than in a book, but you are still feeling empathy.


Current events and history: Poetry is often used as a commenting method on current events and of history. There are many world war poems, satirical poems, political poems… all sorts. You can learn so much from them!13a4bb8f00a140b7

Remembering: One of the key things about poetry is that it helps you remember. This relates to all the points I have already mentioned. It’s a recording of emotions and happenings that will help you remember the emotions of your past, the moment you admired something, your understanding, events and so much more. Poetry is full of endless possibilities.


Do you read poetry?

Olivia-Savannah x


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