Beware The NaNo Nonsense!

Hello there! I hope your writing journeys are all going well!


Today I have a warning for you. It’s one of the most incurable diseases that has ever been around. It’s worse than the Black Plague, more painful than broken bones and sneaks up on your like the stealthiest of foxes. The horrible disease I am talking about is the Nano Nonsense. The horrible disease which causes you to spurt riddles of words that have no meaning in terms of your novel, or aren’t demonstrating what you want to say. Many Nanoers fall ill after the first week when their novel spirals out of control and doesn’t quite span out the way they want it to happen. BUT never fear. I am here with a few ways you can wrap yourself up and keep the NaNo Nonsense from messing with your novel.

FEEL YOURSELF COMING DOWN WITH THE DISEASE?im-going-to-type-everything-i-know

If you start to see the symptoms of NaNo Nonsense come swooping down on you – the wonderful word sprints where you feel so accomplished but the next day you delete it all – then it’s time to rehash that plan. You need to read over all your planning notes. Yes, ALL of them! (Don’t you regret having written 20 pages of planning?) Look over those notes and remind yourself of the direction you want your novel to take. If you feel like your novel is veering off track, it’s time you allow yourself to do the unbelievable, and that is to hit the delete button. Yes, you’ve reached the point of no return where you need to delete the words you have written otherwise your novel is gonna remain nonsense the whole way through. While writing NaNo is so that you get words on the page, we do want them to be meaningful words as well!

NEED A LITTLE MOTIVATION?tumblr_m85itge0Sw1qc123zo1_500

There are prompts all over the wonderful web to push you further and give you some new ideas. My favourites can be used for any genre. Add in some spies, a monkey or take a shirt off. (That doesn’t even have to be in a romantic situation. Be creative!) And yes, take a shirt off was always going to be prompt. I mean, you’re reading a blog run by six girls. 

     TAKE A BREAK!tumblr_ma9oeoNnyN1qjabn1

NaNo Nonsense disease has a feverish touch to it. Sometimes you end up writing so much, you come down with a horrid fever which gradually turns into NaNo Nonsense. Which is exactly why I am prescribing that you cool down, and take a break from writing. Do anything that doesn’t involve writing – it could even be eating, which I would personally choose. But watching a movie, chilling with the family… whatever it is, make sure you do not choose reading! Most times reading reminds you that you should be writing and can even make you feel guilty about spending a bit of your time elsewhere.


Word crutches is a concept I only recently discovered myself. It was easy to identify my own word crutch which is the word ‘just’. A word crutch is a word you use as a filler for everything. Some people use the word ‘very’ over and over again, or ‘just’, or make a character do the same thing all the time! For example, I know someone who made their characters sigh in nearly every paragraph. Over and over again! Find a word you think crops up a lot, and then use the Microsoft find and search option to see how many times it has popped up. It might surprise you! Take a break from writing and go and replace all those words with something else. It might give you some more insight in ways to write less nonsense and motivate you as well.


When it comes to writing there are always exceptions to the rule. You should beware, avoid and protect your draft from NaNo Nonsense at all times. But there is only one horrible case which is the most unspeakable of horrors, but I will speak it just this once. It is the dreaded case of Writer’s Block. If you EVER find yourself stuck with such a disease, remember that some sicknesses can be cures. NaNo Nonsense is a cure to that illness! Whenever you have it, write babbling nonsense for all you are worth because it is the only thing that will save you.

Happy writing!

Olivia-Savannah x


6 thoughts on “Beware The NaNo Nonsense!

  1. Haha, I’ve never actually heard of NaNo nonsense…. although I can remember times when I’d write quite a bit of expressive… stuff, to get my pages filled. It was actually pretty good for me, though, because it actually got me off writing only dialouge, which is something I tend towards. I hope you manage to stave off the nonsense this NaNo! And I’m glad to see the new blog worked out. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • It just needed approving! Don’t worry, it did post. Thanks for stopping by Romi! And yes, I would say that NaNo nonsense does serve some good purposes as well as have its downsides ^^


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